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PRESSRELEASE from February 26th, 2020:


The Art Gallery of the Central Bank of The Bahamas is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition with paintings by Wendall Jones.

Mr. Jones is best known as a career journalist and media personality, with over 40 years in the information industry. He has established and expanded Jones Communications Network, including JCN Television, Love 97 Radio, The Bahama Journal and JCN Person of the Year Awards.

However, what is less known, is that over the course of almost two decades, the artist Wendall Jones has produced an impressive body of work consisting – with only a few exceptions - of an exceptional series of abstract variations. With meticulous, multilayered brushstrokes, the artist has created fragile tapestries of colour and light; somewhere located between Pointillism and abstract expressionistic influences.

There are obviously countless ways to experience and interpret the world around us, myriad ways to feel, express and communicate. In his paintings, Jones chooses to deconstruct our figurative visible world and looking for an ephemeral common denominator.

This body of work is even more remarkable when we note that the artist did not receive any formal training in painting and is entirely self-taught.

The art program of the Central Bank takes pride in showcasing Bahamian creative talent from all ages and walks-of-life. Whether it is during the High School competition, exhibiting young gifted students or during the Open Call for more mature artists. It is that fresh and creative emanation from various backgrounds that we strive to present. What else is Creativity than a wild mind and a disciplined eye ?

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